Luxe Mini Crown


These beautiful hand wrapped crystal crowns are smaller versions of my tiaras & crowns. Chunky Quartz crystals are used for the same amount of sparkle, but with the versatility to still be worn as a headband. What are you waiting for? Crown yourself! 

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  • Return Policy/Care Instructions

    Return Policy: 

    All Crystal Crowns are made to order, and are therefore considered a custom item ineligble for a refund. Please note that because no two crystals are the same, there may be a slight difference in the color or shape of your crown. 

    Care Instructions: 

    Your crown should be treated like a fine piece of jewelry. Crystals may break or become damaged if you drop your crown, so take care to ensure it is secure on your head before wearing. You may clean your crystals with a damp cloth. Refrain from pulling the crown too widely/bending the band too much, as this could result in damaging the crystals as well. 

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