Wrapped Clear Quartz

Wrapped Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is an essential crystal in any collection of stones. It is known as a stone of power and is said to amplify any energy or intentions, especially of other stones that it may come into contact with. It's used to protect against negative energy, bring clarity, and is also said to be conducive to sleep. 


I have handwrapped these crystals with gold covered copper wire. You can choose to have it strung on a leather cord or a 14k gold plated nickel free chain! 

  • Special Care

    Crystals are fragile, and should be treated with care. Avoid dropping your stone to prevent chipping. To energetically clean clear quartz, run it under water (if on the leather cording) and dry with a lint-free cloth. Another option is to use a smudge stick or incense. 

  • Return Policy

    There are no returns on hand wrapped stones.